Recruitment of EU nurses continues

With the announcement of the referendum results, concerns have been raised around the freedom of movement of UK-based EU nurses.

Following the decision, we are anticipating no changes in the recruitment of EU nurses for the foreseeable future. Today, employment regulations in the UK remain the same. This means that if you are currently working in the UK then your right to work, employment rights or contract of employment will remain the same. We will keep you updated on any announcements that affect your situation, but with over 23,000 nursing vacancies across the UK and 69% of UK trusts recruiting abroad, there are still many opportunities across the UK for EU health professionals.

If you have any questions then please get in touch with your consultant, however with no change in recruitment and demand from the NHS and private sector remaining the same, Synergy Medical is actively recruiting nurses from the EU and other countries. If you are interested in exploring the many opportunities we have and would like some advice on working in the UK then please contact us at:

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